7 Simple Ways to Support Veterans and Their Families (and a Huge List of Veterans Day Deals)

Have you seen the new Speedway commercial portraying an unexpected homecoming of a servicemen? What a tear-jerker and a stand up move on Speedway's part! Sure, it'd be easy to write it off as just another marketing ploy, but the truth is they nailed an important lesson many of us haven't or easily forget. Every opportunity we have to let another person know they are seen, and they are heard -- it matters. And when we make our own opportunities to show others how much we appreciate them and their sacrifices, well that's even better. Especially when we're talking about those who leave their families and risk their lives to protect us and our freedoms.

This year Veteran's Day is officially November 11th, 2014. Here are a few simple ways to give back to those who give so much to us - this week, and every week.

  • Offer encouragement and practical help to the families of veterans and active duty military members! By nature, those who have served in the armed forces tend to be selfless individuals and they see supporting their families as supporting themselves. Offer no strings attached babysitting, errand running, lawn mowing, or just a listening ear. It all matters.

  • Look up times and places for local community programming in your town this Veteran's Day. You will likely find multiple opportunities to show up to be with veterans on their special day. Nothing says, "I care" like your physical presence. The smiles and the stories we have witnessed at public observances of Veteran's Day have been irreplaceable, not to mention great learning experiences for our kids.
  • Support your local VA center. Each has year round volunteer and donation opportunities.
  • Teach your children to thank veterans as well as men and women in uniform. Speaking as the wife and daughter of three veterans, this simple kindness goes a long way in expressing respect and appreciation.
  • Take kids to the library to check out books to cast a positive vision for a lifelong view of Veterans Day.
  • Share a sweet treat! Send left over Halloween candy to a veteran by or before November 15th.
  • Donate to a wounded warrior.
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    Visit this huge list of Veterans Day deals and discounts to share with the veterans in your life to enjoy free meals, free activities, and generous discounts this Tuesday, November 11th. Heartfelt thanks to all those who have served!