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8 Ways to Use Your Dating Skills to Find Your Ideal Exercise

Yes, you heard me correctly, the best way to fall in love with exercise is to approach it like dating. In fact, it turns out this is a pretty fail safe way to find the exercise of your dreams.
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Cheerful smiling and beautiful people running at the fitness club.
Cheerful smiling and beautiful people running at the fitness club.

Stuck in a lifeless lacklustre routine, constantly forcing yourself to spend time exercising? I know that feeling and it sucks. Just like being trapped in a unhealthy relationship we can all get trapped in a soul sucking practice. But no more. It is time to put our dating prowess to good use and find our ideal exercise just like we would our ideal partner.

Yes, you heard me correctly, the best way to fall in love with exercise is to approach it like dating. In fact, it turns out this is a pretty fail safe way to find the exercise of your dreams.

Why go in search of the exercise of your dreams? Well, when you find exercise you love you will actually stick to your exercise regime, you will enjoy the time you spend exercising and you will finally cultivate your desired healthy lifestyle. So what are you waiting for?

Before you get started here are a few golden rules:

Firstly you won't necessarily strike it lucky on the first go. Just like dating you can't expect to find your ideal partner on the first try, so don't expect to with exercise. It may be a longer process but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Don't listen to fads. We all know fads are just like rebound relationships they never last and don't satisfy you in the long run. So whilst you may find you love the new fad that doesn't mean when another one comes along you have to run after that new shiny exercise.

You have to put in the work. If you turn up to a date and don't even try, you stare at the table and don't say anything you aren't going to have a good date. So don't do this with exercise. Turn up and try your best. Yes, it might be a bit dull and not your type, but give it a chance. If you don't you never know what you might be missing.

Ready to get started. Here are 8 ways to use your dating ability to find your ideal exercise:
  1. Shop around - Just as with dating you don't want to start with monogamy, you want to shop around. You go on dates with lots of different people and try new things. The same goes for exercise, when you are first starting out you need to treat it as experimentation, give things a try. Go in with low expectations and just give things a shot.
  2. If things go well stick with it - If you have a great first date you don't just give up, you go in for a second and keep going back for more. This is a great way to get to know someone and test things out, treat your exercise routine the same, you don't have to be exclusive just yet but if you have a positive experience go back for more.
  3. Throw in a wild card every now and then - Just like dating, sometimes you meet someone and even though they don't tick the boxes on your list there is something there. They might not be your 'type' but you always go on a date anyway. Exercise can be exactly the same, yes it might not be tall, dark, and handsome but every now and then the curve ball can deliver you exactly what you need. Variety add's spice after all.
  4. Seek out the thing that makes you feel more like you - We all know the best partners are the ones who except us exactly as we are. Exercise should be the same, you want to do an exercise that feels good to you, that makes you feel more like you.
  5. Dress the part - Whilst it may seems shallow one of the keys to a great date is feeling good about yourself. Exercise is the same, trust me when you are rocking a great gym outfit your workout is going to be better - you will look in the mirror and think "Hell Yes I am doing this!"
  6. Try out different locations - Whilst we all have our old reliable date venues it's good to mix it up, after all dinner is different everywhere. So if you love a specific class try it at different venues. You never know when you might hit on your perfect match.
  7. When you are ready to go monogamous, commit - We all know the key to healthy dating is to be able to commit to the right person when you are ready. Remember even with your ideal partner there will be days when they annoy you or things don't go quite right but for the most part you love spending time with them. Your ideal exercise is like this, you might not love every single session but overall it will make you feel great supported and empowered. And once you have found the one that brings you joy. Commit, turn up and stay faithful.
  8. Choose the right thing for you - Forget whatever one else thinks. We all have types for a reason, it would be boring and also incredibly ferocious if we were all trying to date exactly the same person. Celebrate the fact that you like a different exercise to your friends, own it and love it.

Trust me if you follow these steps you will soon wake up excited to exercise, empowered and glowing. People will be asking you what are you doing? Did you meet someone? Well maybe, but maybe that someone was your ideal exercise!! Just like finding the perfect partner finding the perfect exercise feels like coming home.