Sex Trade Suffers From Global Recession

The international sex trade -- brothels, bath houses, escort services, etc. -- has taken a big hit from parsimonious clients tightening their belts the world over. But these workers aren't taking it lying down, as it were. According to a new Time story, sex trade businesses are launching a number of promotional initiatives to invite clientele, from senior-citizen discounts to free shuttles to and from the spots where the magic happens.

Some have been hit harder than others. For example, according to Time, almost half of all Czech Republic sex trade businesses outside of Prague have gone out of business, despite Czechs' notorious embrace of prostitution in years past.

The industry's struggle has its exceptions, such as in the Netherlands. From Time:

Not everyone needs a gimmick to stimulate business. In the Netherlands, Jan Bik says the recession hasn't affected his nine brothels because they target the "common man"; clients pay as little as $42 for half an hour with a woman. And while many of his former customers have left, "people who would normally go to the expensive clubs are visiting us now, so it's evened out."

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