These Sheep Look More Like A Flock Of Birds

Mesmerizing aerial footage shows them herded between paddocks.

Counting sheep has never been so captivating.

Mesmerizing video filmed from the sky shows hundreds of the woolly farm animals herded from one paddock to another in New Zealand.

They swarm across the fields -- and at one point even look like a spectacular murmuration of starlings.

Pilot and professional photographer Tim Whittaker used a drone to film the footage for marketing agency Beef & Lamb NZ on a farm in Hawke's Bay, on the east coast of the North Island, Australia's Sydney Morning Herald reports.

"The original brief was to get stills but I just thought [the sheep make] crazy patterns from the sky, so I may as well just run some video while we're doing it," the 50-year-old told

On his blog, Whittaker said the mob sizes "were huge showing some great patterns and shapes." He also posted a fuller version of the video:

"I love looking down and seeing what’s happening from above," he told the Daily Telegraph. "It was beautiful countryside and amazing lighting."

But the sheep in New Zealand aren't always so cute. An angry ram took down a drone in 2014.

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