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Should You Quit Your Job? (VIDEO)

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Back in March, I blogged here about quitting my job. I was betting that I'd do better without a job in the current cutthroat corporate climate.

For the past seven months, I've probably been the only HuffPost blogger living in a hotel with their family. That's four people and two cats living in a very small space for over half the year. I've occasionally referred to it as being 'homeless' but of course that's not accurate. Real homelessness doesn't include maid service once a week and free HBO. It was cramped and crowded but I always considered us very lucky.

This week, though, it all paid off. I've been building my businesses teaching and making films that I talked about in my March post, teaching. All the stars aligned and we moved into our dream house -- an affordable, beautiful four bedroom rental house on the outskirts of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The kids and cats and my pregnant wife are all swimming in personal space. Yes, it was worth it.

So now that there's a happy ending -- really a happy new beginning -- I feel comfortable talking about how I made the decision to leave my comfortable job.

And now I feel comfortable asking you; is it time you should think about quitting?

I made this short video to share the questions I asked myself before making the decision to go. I hope you find them useful in your own journey.