10 Sleep Hacks Every Student -- And Every Person -- Needs To Know

Repeat after us: No more all-nighters!

We humans don't prioritize our sleep quite as much as we should. According to recent reports from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about a third of American adults don't get enough sleep, clocking fewer than seven hours each night -- the minimum length of time adults should get to protect their health.

Even more drastic, a University of Alabama study found that 60 percent of the college population does not get enough sleep. Skimping on Z's can contribute to a host of health problems, including diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

It seems we all could use a few tricks for sleeping more soundly. First and foremost, students should know that pulling all-nighters is ill-advised. Doing so can wreck a person's focus and greatly increase their risk for metabolic diseases. So resist the temptation of holing up in the library for the entire night, and let your brain reboot instead.

Follow that rule and the nine other sleep commandments below, provided by SleepyPeople, and you'll be better equipped for sweet dreams and sweeter days for years to come.

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