The Sleep Revolution Is Taking Colleges By Storm

Let's change the sleep game.
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HuffPost is bringing the Sleep Revolution to one of our country's most sleep-deprived populations: college students. At over 50 campuses across America, we are partnering with major brands to start a cultural conversation around sleep's importance, and donating thousands of products to help students create better sleep habits and improve nearly every aspect of their lives.

At a time when 40 percent of Americans are getting significantly less than the recommended minimum of seven hours of sleep per night, the crisis is especially acute among college students. A 2014 report by the American Psychological Association found that millennials were the most stressed generation, with almost a third lying awake at night due to stress. College students often feel as if they’re in a no-win situation, forced to choose between sleep and life. Whether they're juggling exams, assignments, work shifts, extracurriculars or social obligations, sleep is almost always the first thing to go.

The Sleep Revolution College Tour is out to reframe the conversation around sleep, highlight sleep's benefits (and lack of side effects), and spotlight sleep's power as the ultimate performance enhancer.

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To do this, HuffPost is bringing sleep fairs to the following 15 colleges, creating spaces where students can relax and recharge with free copies of The Sleep Revolution, healthy snacks, pajamas, meditation and mind-blowing sleep gadgets from leading tech entrepreneurs. If your school is on this list and you want to learn more about the event, reach out to or the individuals listed below. Learn how to sleep your way to the top!

University of Denver - April 8 (Sarah Belstock, Director of Health Promotion)

Georgetown University - April 8 (Sydney Jean Gottfried, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Dominican University - April 9 (Korilyn Colburn, Director of Events and Conferences)

Stanford University - April 11

UC Berkeley - April 11 (Melissa Hsu, Campus Editor-at-Large)

University of Southern California - April 13 (Judah Joseph, Rini Sampath, Brad Streicher, Campus Editors-at-Large)

Duke University - April 18 (Riley Griffin, Campus Editor-at-Large)

University of Nevada, Las Vegas - April 20 (Holly Godden, Wellness Educator and Kanani Espinoza, UNLV CSUN President)

UCLA - April 20 (Wendy Slusser, Associate Vice Provost - UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative and Conner Lund, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Belmont University - April 22 (Jamie Zeller, Director of Fitness & Recreation and Alex Beasley, College Blogger)

Des Moines University - April 25 (Dr. Angela Franklin, President & Susan Huppert, Chief of External and Governmental Affairs and Arshia Sandozi, Student)

Savannah College of Art & Design - April 26 (Ariel Hickman, Senior Director Events & Exhibitions and Anna Helms, Events & Conferencing Coordinator)

University of Chicago - April 28 (Jane Jun, College Blogger)

University of Minnesota - April 29 (Matthew Ogbeifun, Campus Editor-at-Large)

University of Georgia - May 3 (Kristine Groft, Senior Communicators Coordinator and Jamari Jordan, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Ohio State University - May 13 (Toni Hare, Director of Neurological Institute Marketing and Kenza Kamal, Campus Editor-at-Large)

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We're also working with students and staff to bring The Sleep Revolution to the following 36 campuses, with sleep-themed events and products.

Barnard College (Lizzie Benzik, Student)

Boston College (Michelle Peffen, Student)

Brandeis University (Emily Reich, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Brown University (Amara Majeed, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Bucknell University (Madeline Diamond, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Colgate University (Lauren Casella, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Columbia University (Michael Falkenstein, Student)

Emerson College (Hunter Harris, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Florida State University (Daniella Abinum, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Harvard University (Corinne Bain, College Blogger)

Middlebury College (Ilana Gratch, SGA President)

MIT (Maryanne Kirkbride, Clinical Director for Campus Life)

Morehouse College (Timothy Tukes, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Northwestern University (Mackenzie Broderick, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Penn State University (Alayna Kennedy, Student)

Portland State University (Tali Aynalem, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Princeton University (Diana Murphy, Campus Editor-at-Large)

San Diego State University (Anthony Berteaux, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Smith College (Jordan Houston, Campus Editor-at-Large)

UC Santa Cruz (Dieter Holger, Campus Editor-at-Large)

University of Alabama (Eryn Cooper, College Blogger)

University of Delaware (Hannah Tattersall, Campus Editor-at-Large)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Nisha Choksi)

University of Miami (Clarissa Buch, Campus Editor-at-Large)

University of Michigan (Kalyani Sharma & Neel Swamy, Campus Editors-at-Large)

University of Missouri (Alex Leininger, Campus Editor-at-Large)

University of Notre Dame (Daniel Barabasi, Campus Editor-at-Large)

University of Oregon (Polly Irungu, Campus Editor-at-Large)

University of Pennsylvania (Josh Kahn, Campus Editor-at-Large)

University of Texas at Austin (Anahita Pardiwalla, Campus Editor-at-Large)

University of Virginia (Andrew Burrill, College Blogger)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (Amanda Rosso, Student)

Vanderbilt University (Katerina Rosen, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Virginia Commonwealth University (Niyah White, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Wesleyan University (Caroline Liu, Campus Editor-at-Large)

Yale University (Lucy Friedmann, College Blogger and Office of Student Affairs and Student Wellness)

If your school isn't on this list, you can still help bring the Sleep Revolution to your campus. On social media, post about your sleep habits and favorite tips and tricks, using the hashtag #SleepRevolution. Share what you do #firstthing in the morning, #lastthing before you go to bed, and what you keep on your #onenightstand.

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