Donald Trump Helps 'SNL' To Biggest Ratings Since 2012

Though given the show's slumping ratings, that's not saying a lot.

Donald Trump proved yet again that he's ratings gold, this time helping "Saturday Night Live" to its biggest overnight ratings since 2012, according to NBC figures.

The Republican presidential candidate's hotly anticipated yet broadly criticized "SNL" appearance drew in a 6.6 rating on Nielsen's metered markets. (The rating indicates the estimated percentage of TV-owning adults who watch a program.) The current season peaked at a 4.5 rating with October's season premiere hosted by Miley Cyrus -- and an appearance by none other than Trump foe, Hillary Clinton.

SNL's previous high was way back in 2012, when host Charles Barkley and musical guest Kelly Clarkson drew a 7.0 rating.

Controversy swirled ahead of Trump's second hosting gig (his first was when he was still starring in "The Apprentice.") Various groups called for NBC to dump Trump over his inflammatory comments and racist views on immigrants, while Trump said he would steer clear of risqué sketches for fear of upsetting his poll numbers.

Despite the fact the show was a shot in the arm for "SNL" after years of slumping ratings, the episode was widely panned by critics.

The A.V. Club graded it an F, writing, "in the end, the episode was as inoffensive as the writers and Trump’s advisors could make it -- without being funny."

Funny or not, Trump has clearly buried the hatchet with NBC, tweeting early the next morning:

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