Spanish-Language Ad: Craig Romney Talks Mexican-Born Grandfather

Mitt Romney's son Craig Romney is featured in a Spanish-language radio ad Monday about his father's family values -- and the fact that his grandfather was born in Mexico -- following the same lines as television ads earlier this year.

GOP candidate Mitt Romney frequently uses his son as a surrogate to Spanish speakers, because Craig is fluent in the language.

"He will fight to put our country back on track and create jobs," Craig Romney says in the ad, according to a translation provided by the campaign. "He greatly values that we are a nation of immigrants. My grandfather George was born in Mexico. For my family, the greatness of America is how we all respect each other and help one another."

The message on Mitt Romney's father, George Romney, points to an interesting fact about the one-time presidential candidate: He wasn't born in the United States, which prompts questions about his eligibility to be president. Romney made a crack last week about President Barack Obama's birth certificate, a charged statement that the campaign said was just meant to tout his birth in Michigan.

The Romney campaign is struggling with Latinos, and polling hasn't shown any uptick as the election creeps closer. A poll from Latino Decisions and ImpreMedia out Monday puts Obama at a 39 percent lead over Romney among Latino voters.



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