Spencer Grammer Engaged: Kelsey's Daughter To Wed James Hesketh

Kelsey Grammer is trying his hardest to finalize his divorce so that he may marry Kayte Walsh as soon as next month, and now his 27-year-old daughter Spencer has confirmed her engagement to Life & Style.

Spencer's mom is Kelsey's first wife, Doreen Alderman. (Kayte will be his fourth).

Life & Style's press release follows:

Another Grammer is engaged! A rep for Spencer Grammer confirms to Life & Style that Kelsey Grammer's 27-year-old daughter is engaged!

This news comes just six weeks after Kelsey announced his engagement to girlfriend Kayte Walsh. "Spencer is so excited to marry her boyfriend, James Hesketh," an insider tells Life & Style. "Rather than a traditional engagement ring, James gave her a claddagh ring (a traditional Irish ring that can be worn as a wedding ring). It's very simple, but very beautiful."

Spencer is best known for playing Casey Cartwright in the ABC Family series Greek. Both she and her father have been based in New York City over the past few months -- Spencer because she's finishing up college and Kelsey because he's starring in La Cage aux Folles on Broadway.

As for the drama surrounding Kelsey and his soon-to-be ex-wife Camille Grammer? "Camille and Spencer [Kelsey's daughter from his first marriage] had no relationship," a second insider tells Life & Style. "And Spencer and her father are closer than ever since he split with Camille."

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