Stephen Colbert Does The Math On Fox News Guest's Wild Thanksgiving Gripe

Shocker: It doesn't add up.

The math ain’t mathing for Stephen Colbert on this one.

The “Late Show” host mocked Fox News for its annual hysterics about how the political left is apparently ruining various holidays. This week, it was contributor Jason Chaffetz, who claimed that inflation under President Joe Biden had soared so high “it was $90 for a turkey” when he did his Thanksgiving shopping.

“The price of stamps is up 32% in the last four years, but it’s all a choice by Joe Biden,” Chaffetz added.

Colbert was skeptical.

“That’s right. Thanks to Joe Biden’s greed, it’s even more expensive than ever to buy a raw turkey, cover it in stamps and send it to a relative,” he said. “Thanks a lot, Joe.”

“I have no reason to doubt Jason Chaffetz other than I’ve met him,” he added, noting that Department of Agriculture data puts the average price of a turkey at $1.25 a pound.

“That means he must have gotten a 72-pound turkey,” he concluded.

After getting roasted for his claim earlier this week, Chaffetz posted a picture of his $114 premium turkey “thoughtfully raised on sustainable family farms” — prompting even more pile-on.

Watch Colbert’s monologue below.

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