'That Is Insane!': Stephen Colbert Spots Trump's Most 'Ridiculous' Delusion Yet

The "Late Show" host can't get over this bizarre claim by the former president.

Stephen Colbert said Donald Trump and his followers are now “freaking out” over Taylor Swift, with the jealous former president reportedly telling allies that he’s more popular than her.

“What?” Colbert said in disbelief. “More popular than Taylor Swift? That is insane.”

And if that’s not “ridiculous enough,” Colbert said, Trump is also reportedly bragging that his followers are “more committed” than Swift’s.

The “Late Show” host found that claim a little easier to believe, in a way.

“To be fair, in the last three years, about 500 of his fans have been committed to jail,” Colbert noted.

He then used a Swift lyric against the former president.

“This country dumped Donald Trump ― and we are never, ever getting back together, like ever,” he said.

See more in his Wednesday night monologue:

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