Stephen Curry With Your Typical Around-The-Back-Two-Times Pass

As one does.

When you’re as good as Stephen Curry, there’s no bad time to try out a new sleight of hand. At least that seemed to be the reigning MVP’s mentality on Monday night, when a tied game in the second half proved as good a moment as any to test out his latest Harlem Globetrotter-esque, highlight-worthy assist.

While most NBA point guards would be happy to grace "SportsCenter" top 10 lists with a typical behind-the-back pass, Curry wrapped the ball around himself twice, before spiraling the ball around Miami Heat defender Chris Bosh as well, timing the dime perfectly to Draymond Green’s cut to the basket.

Obviously the Warriors won, beating the Heat, 111-103, to earn their 36th consecutive home victory.

More Golden State basketball, please.


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