Stewart Mocks Media's Obsession With Sarah Palin's Tweets (VIDEO)

Stewart Mocks Media's Obsession With Sarah Palin's Tweets (VIDEO)

Thursday night's "Daily Show" began with another thorough take-down of John McCain's stance on Don't Ask Don't Tell, but afterward Jon Stewart moved on to McCain's 2008 Presidential running mate Sarah Palin, who he dubbed "America's Tweetheart."

Palin has taken to Twitter to vent her frustrations with Obama's handling of the latest WikiLeaks document drop, but Stewart believes her outrage is primarily unfounded. To prove it, Stewart dissected one of her recent tweets that called for a stop to WikiLeaks' "treasonous act":

"There is the fact that WikiLeaks is in Sweden, and its founder Julian Assange is Australian, so really you can't charge them with treason against America... Because they're not American," Stewart said, adding that she might have been able to clarify if she hadn't used 18 characters to spell out the entire name of her new book, "America By Heart."

But what Stewart finds even more ridiculous than Palin's Twitter activity is the "lamestream" media's utter fascination with everything she tweets, "like a teenage boy with a crush on the stuck-up girl who hates him." Stewart showed this by rolling a slew of clips showing interest in her 140-character messages across networks, including a pretty hilarious one where Palin comes off more like Snoop Dogg than a former Governor.


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