'Storage Wars': Darrell Sheets Gets Biggest Payout In Show's History (VIDEO)

'Storage Wars' Scores Its Biggest Payout Ever

It was the biggest payout in the history of "Storage Wars." Darrell Sheets invested $3,600 into a storage locker, which is a lot of money to take on a gamble. But the show clearly saved the best for last, as the season finale revealed a find no one could have anticipated.

The locker was filled with original art by Frank Guttierez. An expert estimated that the collection was worth approximately $300,000, flooring Darrell.

"How old on just a minute," he marveled. "$300,000? Bam!"

But is it too good to be true? In light of Dave Hester's lawsuit claiming that the show is faked, plenty of viewers expressed their skepticism on Twitter.

Darrell took to Twitter to reveal that the locker turned out to belong to Guttierez, and he'd been in contact with the author. Further, he suggested that the show has something in the works to debunk Hester's claims.

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