Stumblin': Andy Samberg, Paul Rudd & Paul McCartney Stumble Through Hilarious '9 To 5' Tribute (VIDEO)

WATCH: Samberg, Rudd & McCartney 'Stumble' Through Life

We had high expectations for this past weekend's "SNL" digital short, specifically because the team had the legendary Paul McCartney at their disposal, and they did not disappoint. Like most of the best shorts, "Stumblin'" focuses on one really weird, specific thing and just runs with it (this time, quite literally).

Using the first few lyrics to the song "9 To 5," "Tumble out of bed and stumble in the kitchen" as inspiration, Andy Samberg starts tripping through his day to a reworked rendition of the Dolly Parton classic that's entirely about stumblin'. As Samberg continues to stumble around 30 Rock, the stuff he stumbles by gets more and more bizarre, and eventually Paul Rudd joins him on his adventure. As we hoped, McCartney makes an appearance, and as an added bonus, does the most adorable mini-harmonica solo we have ever seen.


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