Guy Inside Talking Animatronic Mickey Mouse Head Greets Visitors At Disneyland (VIDEO)

A person stuffed inside a giant mouse costume, sweating and probably grumpy, an animatronic talking Mickey Mouse head resting on his shoulders, twitching in a conniption fit of Disney enthusiasm. Meet the new Disneyland Mickey Mouse.

Gone are the days of talented struggling actors getting the chance to do their best Mickey impression, or silent mime Mickey. Now its a fusion of man and machine. Mickey and Man.

Talking animatronics are nothing new to Disneyland (Small World ride, the height of weird) or theme parks, but the Mickey Mouse greeting guests is essentially the face of Disney, and that face is now moving and talking to park visitors on its own accord.

From the video below, it can be seen that human-animatronic mouse head interaction can be somewhat strained, but luckily this talking Mickey isn't negotiating peace deals for the UN.

While the head is a fairly neat gimmick, and thankfully not a giant leap forward in the creation of robot overlords, Disney still has a ways to go before they hit Japan animatronic creepy levels of weird.