These Super-Absorbent $15 Bath Towels Only Look Expensive

“I keep buying more because I’m scared they’ll get discontinued," wrote one reviewer.
Casaluna waffle bath towel from Target
Casaluna waffle bath towel from Target

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Do you remember the last time you replaced your bath towels? Even if you’re washing them every week, you’ll likely want to toss your set after one to three years and invest in a new one — especially if they’re no longer providing the soft (and germ-free) comfort you deserve. With spring cleaning on the horizon, consider this your sign to finally indulge in some brand-new towels.

But before you get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options out there, we have great news for folks on a budget: You can grab the Casaluna waffle bath towels at Target for way under $20 a piece, making upgrading your bath essentials easier than ever. The best part? These towels are beloved by Target shoppers, having racked up an impressive 4.3-star rating across 2,375 reviews online.

Waffle towels stand out from the pack thanks to their unique texture and thin, lightweight design, which can save valuable storage space in your linen closet. The Casaluna towels have the same high-end aesthetic as similar designs from Brooklinen and Onsen that cost significantly more. Boasting a 100% cotton construction, these towels are “so soft and comfy,” one reviewer gushed. “Absorbs water really well.”

Available as a hand towel for $12 and a bath towel for $15, you can choose from six colors to find one that fits your bathroom decor, from pink to dark gray.

The brand notes that the towels can be prone to shrinking, which some reviewer claims support. Other reviews mentioned that using the delicate cycle, air-drying, or drying on low heat all helped reduce these effects.

Ready to refresh your bathroom with some soothing, new decor? Read some of the other standout reviews from shoppers below, and then head over to Target to say hello to your own set.

“I bought 1 as an experiment 2 months ago and buying many more. The towel dries faster than any other towel we have, including several pricey waffle towels. Because it dries quicker, it also doesn’t get smelly. Because it’s not synthetic, it sucks up water and feels great. Waffle towels aren’t for everyone (if you are looking for a heavy fluffy luxe situation, move along) but if you want a towel that’s not going to be smelly, this may just be your new favorite!” — Ali

“If only they made wash cloth and bath sheet sizes!! These are my absolute favorite towels. They don’t shed or get fuzz on me, they have incredible drying power, they wash super well, and they look really cute! The brown is more of a rust orange to me. My friend had them and after I dried my hands I asked her where they were from and we gushed about them and then she gifted me some immediately hah!” — alexarose714

“I got the bath towel in pink and love it! The waffle weave gives it a little stretch, and there is a lot of cottony surface area to soak up water. Never going back to regular terrycloth. The color is beautiful and the price is much lower than other brands.” — Rhoda

“This item, while understandably divisive due to its difference from standard bath towel texture, has my favorite texture out of any textile I own. Best features: the waffle weave actually has depth & pleasant thickness, and it’s not too soft to the touch. I keep buying more because I’m scared they’ll get discontinued LOL. I use them as throw blankets or loose pillows, with at least one on my bed at all times because I rest my face on them while I sleep. Only incidentally do I use them as bath towels. But they are very nice to lay on. A nice thick comforter or duvet cover made of this exact material would be PERFECT. I want to buy this fabric by the yard. Downside: like with many towels, the edges do start to bunch up after a few washes, but if you take care to stretch the borders out intentionally before & after washing, you can alleviate the wrinklage.” — Ollie

“I’ve had these towels for over a year now and love them! They do shrink up a bit after being washed and dried but to me that makes them stretchy and plushier feeling so I love when they’re fresh out of the dryer! After a few uses they do stretch back out to normal size. The color has stayed bright even after more than a year (I got the warm brown and they are true to the color shown online). My husband find this style to be a bit scratchy and prefers the standard bath towel (same brand and color, just not waffle) but I personally prefer this style and love how they are never linty and they’re so absorbent.” — cozycrib

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