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Tavi Gevinson Is Headed To Hollywood To Become An Actress

It's not like we needed much more convincing, but Tavi Gevinson is officially the coolest 16 year old ever. If conquering the online world as a teenager wasn't enough, the "Rookie Mag" founder has now landed her very first movie role.

It's just been announced that Tavi has signed on to Hollywood talent agency UTA and is set to appear in writer-director Nicole Holofcener's untitled new film. She'll play "an only child who never received much attention from her parents, forcing her to grow up faster than her peers," according to The Hollywood Reporter. And even though her real-life parents seem pretty supportive (any dad who will accompany his daughter to a fashion show is an awesome dad in our book), we suspect she felt a personal connection to the role of a female struggling to find her place.

The past year has been pretty monumental for the fashion prodigy. Ms. Gevinson launched a quirky progressive webzine, landed a major profile in The New York Times and even gave her own Ted Talk where she spoke about her take on feminism. You know how many people listened to us muse about our world views when we were 16? Well, no one besides our social studies teacher. So you can imagine how impressed we are by how articulate and grounded Tavi always seems to be.

And if her endearing appearance in Wilco's "The Whole Love" video is any indication of her performance in the upcoming full-length film, we're sure we'll continue to be impressed by Tavi's seemingly endless list of credentials. Do you think Tavi will have a smooth transition into the film world?

See Tavi's style evolution. They grow up so fast...

Tavi Gevinson's Style Evolution

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