This Fan Has One Wish For Taylor Swift Before She Loses Her Hearing (UPDATE)

Taylor, let's make her wildest dreams come true.

UPDATE: She did it! Jorja Hope, the 12-year-old suffering from a condition that causes progressive hearing loss, made her dream come true on Saturday. At the Sydney stop on the "1989" tour, Hope got a chance to meet her idol, Taylor Swift, and listen to her perform live before she loses all of her hearing. 

PREVIOUSLY: Taylor Swift has created a career out of making dreams come. Trust us. Go to one of her concerts and you'll understand. 

Jorja, a 12-year-old girl from Sydney, Australia, has started a campaign with her twin sister, Chloe, to make one more dream a reality. Two months ago, the young fan was diagnosed with bilateral inner-ear loss and has slowly been losing her ability to hear ever since. 

When Jorja first found out about the news, she had only one thing to say -- "I won't be able to hear Taylor Swift sing."

In that moment, the "Help Jorja Meet Taylor Swift In Sydney 2015" campaign was born. Chloe, the brainchild of the operation, started a Facebook page to increase visibility surrounding her sister's one wish, in hopes of compelling the pop star to meet Jorja at the Sydney stop of her 1989 Tour on Nov. 28. 

The Facebook page already has over 1,000 likes and Jorja's story has been making the Internet rounds on sites like The Daily Mail and E! Online

Responding to this fan's request wouldn't be out of character for Swift. In 2014, the pop star visited Boston's Children's Hospital to meet and perform for a 6-year-old cancer patient. 


Swift heads to Sydney on Nov. 28, so there's still time to make this happen. Let's tweet, share and tumble Jorja's story to help this fan's wildest dreams come true. 


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