Thanksgiving 2012: Why We're Thankful To Live In Detroit, By The Staff Of HuffPost Detroit

In a year pockmarked by scandals and corruption and heated political battles and the Tigers losing the World Series and no hockey and... okay, okay, we'll stop already!

Point is, in Detroit, sometimes it's hard to keep our cynicism at bay.

That's why Thanksgiving is such an important holiday to us here at HuffPost Detroit (and it's not just because we technically have the day off work). It's precisely when things seem so wrong that it becomes so necessary to express our gratitude for those beautiful things in Detroit that are actually, perfectly, right.

So we made a slideshow of our favorite things about the Motor City. We had to stop because we could have just done this all week, but we had other things to write, too. And, somewhere along the way, we realized that it's really true -- we're so grateful that this is our city. We're so grateful that we have jobs that allow us to share Detroit, in all of its complicated and tumultuous beauty, with the rest of the world. And we're especially thankful for our readers, without which we'd probably be unemployed.

Thank you for being part of HuffPost Detroit. We wish you a happy and safe and optimistic holiday in this city that we all share, and care so deeply for.

With love,

Ashley, Kate and David
Huffington Post Detroit

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