That Time Sven Told Kristoff To 'Stop Mansplaining' During 'Frozen' TV Special

“She literally just said that."

With help from Lego, Disney recently introduced the word “mansplaining” to its young viewers in a way that was so subtle, you might not have noticed.

Disney joined forces with Lego for a series of animated shorts about its characters from “Frozen” called Lego Disney “Frozen Northern Lights,” which premiered in December. In it, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven go on an adventure to restore the Northern Lights. When plans go awry (as they so often do in Disney cartoons), Anna offers a suggestion, only to have Kristoff try to steal her idea.

“I think we can kayak farther north,” Anna says in the special.

“Uh, no,” Kristoff says. “I think we should kayak farther north.”

Kristoff’s childhood buddy, a reindeer named Sven, quickly points out what his friend did wrong.

“She literally just said that,” Sven says. “Stop mansplaining.”

(The scene appears at the 2:50 mark below.)

More than one person caught the reference to “mansplaining,” which “Jeopardy” defined during an October 2016 episode as what happens “when a male patronizingly tells a female about a topic she already understands.” A parent who is part of the HuffPost Parents’ “So You Want To Raise A Feminist” Facebook group flagged the footage, and a Twitter user mentioned it online.

Other than that, the moment stayed kind of under the radar. After listening to Sven, Kristoff says Anna offered a “good idea” and credit was given where credit was due.

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