Every week, the Huffington Post sifts through the best and worst political ads of the week -- so you don't have to. And this week we've found some great ones.

(Did that guy just get kicked in the you-know-what? Oh, yes, he did!)

In Nevada, Republican Sharron Angle continued blaming Sen. Harry Reid (D) for anything that could go wrong, while he pounced on her BP "slush fund" comments.

(... He just got kicked again. Why is Peter Schiff's campaign airing this ad?)

Elsewhere, John McCain touted his conservative credentials, a Newt Gingrich group defended Israel while attacking a Democrat and Republican Senate candidate Pat Toomey continued linking Rep. Joe Sestak (D- Pa.) to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D- Calif.).

(And once again, Linda McMahon (R-Conn.) kicked the guy in the groin. Is Schiff trying to make all men wince?)

The Democrats attacked Illinois gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady over his minimum wage stances, while Republicans nailed Obama for committing the unforgivable sin of talking about Snooki (she's John McCain's political prop!).

(Oh no. McMahon's not going to kick him in the crotch again, is she? She is.)

But the excitement comes from Tennessee, where Basil Marceaux has released his first "official campain [sic] ad" promising all kinds of crazy in an ad of local-furniture-store quality.


The Week In Political Advertising -- August 6

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