The Call for Greater Use of Medication to Treat Drug Abuse (video)

By Shelina Assomull

Addiction is a problem that faces 40 million Americans, 1 in 7 of the country. With this number continuing to rise, the issue is finally surfacing and being addressed by many public figures and celebrities, calling for a greater use of medication to treat substance abuse.

With this issue finally breaking down the taboos that surround it, we can begin to talk about it openly like many of the presidential candidates are beginning to.

We spoke to Dr. Mehmet Oz and the founders of, Kate Meyer and Tom Goris to hear more about this harrowing issue and how we as a nation can begin to address it.

Both call onto the advocacy or Naloxone, also known as Narcon to face the problem of overdose in addiction, to rescue sufferers of this disease from its deadly affects - something that is becoming an issue of increasing concern, to both our president and our presidential candidates.

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