Now not only do we have the ambitions, power, and mission necessary to change the world but we also have a social good platform to help navigate the world.
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"The Millennial generation has a set of values, set of ambitions to change the world that maybe no previous generation has had." -Matthew Bishop

I remember hearing this quote for the first time at the GoodXGlobal panel, on the topic of Digital Campaigns, Millennial Activists and the next Generation of Good, and thinking to myself; Wow. It is truly inspiring and at the same time empowering to be apart of the Millennial generation. In a recent article on Forbes, titled Millennials: Meeting Them On Their Playing Field Jean the author states, "no matter how you feel about Millennials, there's no denying that they're changing the world as we know it." She goes on to say that in her most recent book on Millennials, Cause for Change is why this generation is changing the world, and the idea behind what their overall generation represents as a whole.

...this generation represents an epic shift in the way young people get involved, spend money, work together, and negotiate systems. They are transparent and collaborative; they don't care about hierarchy or silos; they want solutions; and they use a revolutionary set of interactive, instant, and personalized technologies to navigate the world.

I loved every piece of the article because it really hit home. It resonated with me and my current thought process in life, the dire need to do more and make extraordinary things happen. However, I am not the only one with those feelings on life. Jean goes on to say that "The Millennial generation is uniquely suited to lead the charge -- they are acutely aware of the world around them, and chomping at the bit to play a role in solving social challenges." That's pretty reassuring!

Not only are we the generation that is suited to lead, to change, to fix, but to also give back.

A great example of just how amazing our generation and others tend to gives back is the online platform that has now turned into a global movement, Goodsearch.

Goodsearch started as an idea and now more than 15 million people use it to help raise money for various causes. Those causes have now exceeded more than 100,000 non-profits and schools worldwide. Since 2006, users have raised more than $9 million, participated in over 1.1 billion charitable actions, and have truly made a difference in the world, all by a simple everyday action.

Today, Goodsearch has reached an all time milestone, reaching $10 million in donations through a unique, unconventional way -- not through cash donations but through people's simple, daily actions, primarily with the help of our oh so dear Millennials. This milestone not only has meaning in its sum value but has had real world impact, supporting a range of organizations working to make the world a better place.

So, Congratulations Goodsearch on your phenomenal milestone, and of course providing us with a platform that makes it easier and simple for us Millennials (and other Generations) to support and raise funds for our favorite causes. Now not only do we have the ambitions, power, and mission necessary to change the world but we also have a social good platform to help navigate the world.

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