The Huffington Post Is Making a Major Mistake

The Huffington Post Is Making a Major Mistake
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I was stunned to learn that your political editors have not only decided to relegate all future coverage of Donald Trump's presidential campaign to the the HuffPo entertainment section, they are proudly trumpeting this decision in the form of a news headline at the top of the HuffPo home page. Like him or not, Trump is a legitimate presidential candidate who is not-so-incidentally leading in the latest polls.

It's vital that your staff stays mindful of the fact that the Huffington Post is now the biggest news organization in the world. I'm proud to be associated with it. But to suddenly decide that Trump is just a "sideshow," and not a valid news story is an extreme error in judgement and appears to be every bit as blindly and ridiculously partisan as Rush, O'Reilly, Fox and the rest.

In an age where radio and TV news have abdicated their journalistic responsibility and major newspapers are folding by the score, it's vital that you maintain your credibility. In the final analysis, The Huffington Post may be the last true representative of a free American press. We are counting on you to act accordingly.

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