The Kinetic Art of Casey Curran


Drawing primarily from nature, kinetic artist, Casey Curran, creates sculptures that come alive with a turn of a handle. Intricately designed but relying on basic rules of mechanics known since Renaissance, his works invite the viewer's direct participation. There is a seductive duality in Curran's creations. The re-animated flapping wings, the booming metal flowers, the wire insects are all at once whimsical and darkly beautiful.

Although initially inspired by Alexander Calder, Curran's style has more in common with baroque sculptors, as most of his pieces are figurative and delicately detailed. Having learned the mechanics of movement through trial and error, he mainly works with copper and brass wire. Click below to watch a featurette on Curran by Emmy-nominated filmmaker, Vincent Pierce, and other videos displaying Curran's mesmerizing creations in motion.