'The Little Mermaid 3D' Canceled: Disney Pulls Plans To Bring Animated Favorite Back To Theaters

"The Little Mermaid 3D" is swimming with the fishes. According to The Los Angeles Times, Disney has canceled plans to rerelease the 1989 animated classic in 3D.

"The Little Mermaid 3D" was scheduled to hit theaters in September, following in the footsteps of other classic Disney reissues. The release of "The Lion King 3D" was the strongest re-release for Disney. The movie, which was released in 3D in September 2011, reached a domestic gross of $94.2 million. Comparatively, "Monsters, Inc. 3D" has grossed $30.6 million, "Finding Nemo 3D" made $41.1 million, and "Beauty and the Beast 3D" reached $47.6 million.

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