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The Power of Instant Connections

These are the times that make the journey of life a journey of spontaneous wonder and powerful change. A journey that we are meant to live into while bowing to the grander plan of love.
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Recently I fell hard and fast for a boy that caught me off guard with his unending ability to make me laugh and his seemingly deep passion for being in the moment and breathing in my every essence, an alluring aura that seemed to be radiating out of my skin.

It all started casually enough, as does most epic adventures that spiral quickly into a journey of uncharted territories and beautiful risks.

Even through the quick fall we both seemed to understand the importance of taking our time and letting it all slowly seep in as our minds scurried to keep up.

We kissed, but always gently. We touched, but always with a mutual understanding of the power of moving slowly. We laughed, always with a spark in our eyes that seemed to be glowing brighter with the voice of the other whispered in our ears.

And the list of those moments goes on and on...

Binge hanging out at it's finest definition. Zero to sixty with no room for a breath at the top of the ocean.

This recent experience got me thinking about the idea of chance encounters... and whether they are, in fact, a meeting of fortuitous design or if they are, indeed, a mere matter of random spontaneity.

The magic question.

"There are times in all of our lives when we randomly connect with another human on a level that catches us off guard. A level that lovingly reminds us that we are here to find connection, to breathe in another's energy and to give part of ours in return."

A friend and I have recently coined the term insta-boyfriend/girlfriend as a loving way to describe such a connection with another person we do not know very well. An instantaneous mutual attraction of wonder that seems to spiral into a "can't-get-enough of the other person, binge-hang-out session." Days of heat followed by days of detox.

It's risky.

For so many reasons it's risky, but the most obvious risk being that when you fall hard and fast for another human, you forget that they have the potential to let you down and to not live up to whatever your mind chooses to hold onto from those beautiful moments of time spent together.

"Neither person accountable for the other person's level of attachment."

As you walk away from these instant connections, pause and take a breath, detox from the moments of quiet wonder, you can't help but wonder if that was all a matter of divine destiny, your bodies meant to be together, or if it was merely a beautiful chance encounter that is better left as only that...

A cheers to unforgettable fun.

Life is full of so many twists and turns that I believe the secret lies in this simple sentiment... We are here to love. Love is everything. We are made up of love; romantic love, friendship love, peaceful love, quiet and unassuming love, joyful love, soul shattering, mind-blowing, passionate kissing, love. All love.

So, these moments of quiet wonder and can't-get-enough of each other moments, are no doubt part of the story. And, whether it is a long road together or a short path taken, both are making us stronger for what is next.

"A journey that will no doubt be full of a love that was present and called upon during that window into the rarity of such connections. A reminder of what we are capable of and what we all ultimately desire."

It is all much bigger than we are. Perhaps those moments are teaching us that in this life, there are struggles that will fight for our attention. Times that need our energy and pull from our light.

Then there are times that take our breath away. Times of instant connection that remind us we are here for a reason. We have a love and energy within us all that is longing to connect with another. We will have people that will enter our lives for a reason, perhaps to teach us a lesson or perhaps to finish our story... both divine in their own right.

"Whatever the reason our paths cross, I believe it is already set out before us."

In closing, perhaps the answer lies in the commitment to being present and believing in the power of karmic fate and instant connections.

Love in it's own definition.

These are the times that make the journey of life a journey of spontaneous wonder and powerful change. A journey that we are meant to live into while bowing to the grander plan of love.

"It's a crazy life, I'm all in."