The Refugee

I've been here for years Living in the tent. We've fled all the fears Trying to be content.

There, life was so bitter; We met the rage of war. We searched for a shelter Since peace closed its door!

We didn't have time to take Our souvenirs, our stuff... It was time to break Life that became tough.

We walked for a long distance To reach a safe place. Where we could find tolerance, Where we could feel grace.

I don't want a doctor And a visitor every day. I need clean water And a safe ground to play!

I can resist hunger, But I can't live oppressed. I really need an answer For all what makes me stressed!

Why do I have to leave My town, my belongings? I still can't believe What happened to the buildings...

Everything was destroyed, Our future and the past. Everything was shattered, By a bomb, by a blast!

I'm a refugee child, I have something to say: I hate feeling wild I hate to live this way.

Offer me kindness, Grant me support, Give me happiness, This is my last resort!