The RNC/White House Department of Catchphrases Rolls Out a New One

Ken Mehlman test drove the Republican's newest memetic,in an attempt to rehabilitate the administration failures embedded in their trusty "stay the course."
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Catchphrases tend to get old and the value they once had tendency to turn on itself. Latest to suffer from the linguistic malady of self-parody is "stay the course."

The RNC and White House Department of Catchphrases went into overdrive this week sending out their chief catchprhaser, RNC Chairman, Ken Mehlman, who test drove the Republican's newest memetic, "adapting to win" in an attempt to rehabilitate the administration failures embedded in their trusty "stay the course" when referring to the Iraqi incursion.

Breaking down its problems...

Most Americans don't want to "stay."

The "course" that the administration wants us to "stay," has shown to be an utter catastrophe.
Actually still works quite well except what adjoining "stay" and "course" in describing George Bush's foreign policy.

Of course, as the Bush administration has shown great prowess in never adapting, so "Adapting to Win" doesn't do much better.

Slow to modify all their clichés, the crusty "cut and run" used as a misfinition of John Murtha's desired strategy in Iraq still holds place with talk radio and old white pundits who still think "talk to the hand" and wassup" is hip.

Still, not milked incessantly out of style, catchphrases can work.

Note to Murtha and the DNC: The next time the RNC/White House uses one of their antiquated cliché, here are some suggestions.

"That's going to leave a mark" - Describing the Bush administration's Iraq invasion.

"Step away from..." - Fill in any Republican bill.

"Ca-ching" - Summarizing Republicans taking bribes.

"You're fired" - When asked what he would tell Donald Rumsfeld

(Pick one) "Eat my shorts," "Sit on it," "Whachoo talkin' about, Willis?"- Every time any pundit says Murtha wants to "cut and run."

"Oh my God, I thought they killed Kenny" - When another Republican/Bush connected pal is caught pulling a Ken Lay, ripping off the public.

If you have anymore catchphrases, feel more than free to comment. But if you do, I'm stealing it because...well, because, if I am not allowed to steal your work, "the terrorists have won."

Steve Young is author of "Great Failures of the Extremely Successful" and the newly released "15 Minutes" (HarperCollins).

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