The Trump Election Crisis: The Rise Of Fascism In America

You saw in my title, 'The Trump Election Crisis.' It is named after the Cuban Missile Crisis, because an authoritarian fascist has been nominated by a major political party for the first time in our country's history. As a result, America is in its most dangerous and frightening period since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Like the Cuban Missile Crisis, there could be Severe, imminent consequences if Trump gets elected. First is our relationships with other countries and other leaders. Then, ISIS, which is on the decline, will likely become an actual threat, because of what Trump has said about Muslims. Not to mention the potential stock market crash, like we saw in Europe after Brexit.

There are numerous threats, but the biggest one is the elephant in the room that the media won't talk about, fascism. You see people on the right, all the time, who think their "freedoms" are being infringed, you know, because Michelle Obama wants our kids to eat a few damn vegetables, because Liberals would like to see the rich pay their fair share of taxes and because transgendered people can pee in whatever bathroom they choose. Now, even though tea-baggers think those things will destroy our democracy as we know it, they're completely behind a candidate who may actually destroy democracy as we know it. Donald Trump told a CBS' Miami affiliate, WFOR news station yesterday that he believes the First Amendment provides 'too much protection' for free speech. He's threatening our actual freedoms.

His comments regarding the First Amendment come amidst rumors swirling that Trump will partner with Breitbart to form his own television network, "Trump TV." If the President of the United States owned his very own television news station, that's pretty much state-run media. That's how the media works in Libya and North Korea. Someone as unstable as Trump would possibly make "Trump TV" the official state channel. That's where whatever the leader says is correct, no matter what, and those who disagree are vilified and jailed. Just imagine combining FOX News, Breitbart, Drudge Report and Infowars and multiplying it by a thousand. That's what "Trump TV" will be, and just imagine if it's owned by the President of the United States.

It seems that a lot of American voters truly don't get and possibly don't even care what the consequences of a Trump presidency and the potential rise of fascism would be. Donald Trump echoes a lot of shades of Adolf Hitler, and he is by far the closet thing this country has ever had to Hitler. Now, will Trump declare martial law and commit mass-genocide? Unlikely, but you never entirely know with a person who is completely unpredictable like Trump, and people think that someone who is openly trying to change the first amendment should have access to nuclear weapon?

Trump is someone who is angered by tweets. How is he going to respond if world leaders "insult" him? How is he going to respond to North Korea if they make threats against us? How is he going to respond if ISIS or another terrorist group pulls off a major, well-coordinated attack? Trump is someone, who clearly should not have his finger on the button, and someone like him just might overreact and launch nuclear weapons, which could lead to mass worldwide chaos. He literally could start nuclear war, and that could be the end of this country as we know it.

Things look good for Hillary Clinton right now, but in an unstable election like this one, anything can happen in these final two weeks. Trump's claims of a "rigged election" are clear signs of desperation. Trump, of course, has indicated that he is not ngeccearrily going to accept the results of this election, and how he is trying to get his supporters to intimidate voters at the polls, which is another fascist tactic. Fortunately, the GOP immediately contradicted Trump's encouragement with a plea of their own not to to go out and poll watch.

Even if Trump loses, we will only be delaying it. This election has proved that a good chunk of Americans believe in the ideas associated with Fascism, like mass-deportation and imposing a ban on certain religions. The election of a black president led many people to believe that President Obama was born in Kenya, which eventually led to the formation of the Tea Party, just two weeks into his presidency. If Hillary wins, a lot of Americans will believe that Trump had the election stolen from him, and we may see the biggest rise of the Tea Party ever. Possibly to the point where it becomes a major third party.

The people who have rallied behind Trump show it all. There's a reason Hillary Clinton referred to half of them as a "Basket of Deplorables." A lot of are completely manipulated by anger, hate and fear, and a lot of them are incredibly bigoted and racist with a passionate animosity towards Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims.

These people worship Trump, and I feel like he may be the most worshipped presidential candidate in the history of this country, even more than Ronald Reagan. Trump's supporters view him as a god. As a messiah. If Trump loses, these people will be even more angry than ever before. If he wins, he will be worshipped to the point where his supporters will get hostile and possibly even violent against those who speak out against Trump.

People on the far-right hate Hillary with such an immense passion that I have truly realized what it is like for a gay person with a religious family to come out to them. When I've told people that I am for Hillary, I've been mocked, ridiculed, intimidated and even threatened. I have even immensely angered people who are Hispanic. I am very scared of what will happen to them should Trump get elected. Most of them are citizens of this country who were born here. However, I am scared that a Trump victory would make them more vulnerable to the target of vile hate crimes, which a Trump victory would spark.

Hillary is not the evil witch that the right has made her out to be. People are completely brainwashed by the right-wing witch hunt that has been out against her for more than 20 years. Hillary is not bad at all. I'm not sure she will be a great president, but I will say this; she may be the only thing that stands between us and the death and destruction of America.

Donald Trump may be the single-biggest threat that America has ever faced, and even though I am cautiously optimist that he will lose, people need to know of his fascist beliefs when they cast their ballots. There's a reason History is taught in our schools. It's taught, so we learn of the mistakes from the past and learn never to make them again. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of the country didn't pay attention, and our low test scores show it all.