'The Walking Dead' Might Have Set Up A Devastating Carl Moment

It's a work of darts.

Eye see what you did there, “Walking Dead.”

After dishing out some depressing storylines all season, everyone’s favorite zombie show finally gave us something to cheer about on Sunday night, before taking it all away.

Sasha and Maggie gave us closure by remembering Abraham and Glenn.

Carl and Enid finally made kissy faces ...

(Dang, y’all, get a room. Or, like, a tree, maybe.)

And Maggie told off Hilltop leader Gregory, making sure he knew with whom he was speaking.

(Hells yeah, Maggie Rhee!)

But this is “The Walking Dead,” and the show has to bring us back to reality.

In the episode, Carl made it clear that his mission is to take out Negan. Then we got all excited when he and Jesus stow away in the back of one of the Saviors’ trucks.

Unfortunately, the show foreshadowed that Carl’s plan to shoot down Negan isn’t going to work out too well.

Remember, earlier in the episode, Carl is specifically shown having trouble with his aim.

In the “Walking Dead” comics, things don’t work out well for Carl in his attempt to kill Negan after sneaking on a Savior truck, so this sequence with the darts hints that’s going to be the case again.

Reddit user Andrew_Parkinson speculates:

I like how they’re setting it up to have Carl’s aim be off to the left. That way, when he aims for Negan’s head, he’ll hit Lucille.

In the comics, Negan lets Carl live after his failed assassination attempt, but will it be the same in the show? If he shoots and breaks Negan’s bat, it’s anyone’s guess. Lucille is a stickler for the rules. 

“The Walking Dead” airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.



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