These Are the 25 Healthiest and Unhealthiest Illinois Counties

National health rankings published by County Health Rankings & Roadmaps reveals a detailed analysis on the healthiest and unhealthiest counties in Illinois for 2015. The counties are ranked according to a set of factors including length of life, quality of life, personal health behaviors, physical environment, access to clinical care and socioeconomic indicators.

Below is a graphic showing the weight of each category:


There are 102 Illinois counties, and the map below includes the 25 healthiest and the 25 least healthy in each category. For each county, there is a set of statistics providing a more detailed glimpse into the county's health. These statistics can be viewed by visiting
  • Percent of adults reporting poor or fair health (age-adjusted).
  • Percent of adult population reporting a body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than 30.
  • Excessive drinking (binge plus heavy drinking).
  • Physical inactivity (number of adults aged 20 or over that report having no leisure-time to partake in physical activity).
  • Uninsured (percent of population under the age of 65 without health insurance).
  • Percent of 9th graders who graduate high school in four years.
  • Percent of children living in a single-parent household.
  • Violent crime rate per a population of 100,000.
  • Air pollution (average daily measure of fine particulate matter in micrograms per cubic meter - PM2.5).
You can read more on the
. To view all of Illinois' counties as well as additional metrics, check out County Health Rankings & Roadmaps'
*Click on the map to see the detailed list of counties


To see a detailed list of all 25 unhealthiest and 25 healthiest Illinois counties, including adult obesity rates and high school graduation rates for each county listed, check out Reboot Illinois.


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