These Three Books Will Change Your Life

Reading will enhance many skills that you cannot learn in college like the law of attraction, for example. I happen to be a law of attraction expert and know first hand that it can and will work to your advantage if you fill your mind with everything positive and learn to use mindful manifestations to your advantage. One of the most famous books that teaches you how to do this is Napolean Hill's Think And Grow Rich. What we think about we bring about. The books we read tell a lot of who we are, what we like and the person we want to become. Below I suggest my top three books that will most definitely change your life in a significant way.

1. Never Give Up - Written By Joyce Meyer

This book teaches you how to overcome life's greatest challenges. Joyce describes in great detail how to teach yourself to have relentless determination to overcome the hardest obstacles one can ever imagine. When you learn to never give up, you will reap amazing benefits and some of the most positive rewards you will ever earn. Joyce teaches us to choose to be a chicken and scratch with other chickens (being followers) not doing much all day walking around the pens, or choose to be eagles and soar above high in the sky with other eagles and take life by the wings like leaders do. Eagles learn from other eagles and want to be the best of the best, creating visions and taking massive action for positive results. The book is filled with historical figures and their struggles and how they learned to find ways to smash the mountains in their way. I have read this book several times when faced with my own challenges and refer to this book for encouragement. Joyce is very passionate with her wording and biblical versus within always uplift my spirit giving me hope that I need at the time.

2. Think Differently (To Achieve Amazing Success) By Dr. Kevin Snyder

This is an absolute must read to shift your mindset and create the life you have always imagined. This is a short but powerful read in just how amazing your brain is in creating and manifesting a self - fulfilling prophecy. Dr. Snyder helps you to take massive action to reap the benefits you are expecting in your life. He inspires you with his own story of how he created the reality of himself being on the Price Is Right TV Show with Bob Barker. He learned to never give up even when he drove all the way across the country and the show was cancelled. He helps you to identify your passions and teaches you how to pursue them. He believes, like I do, that we have absolute control over our thoughts and what we feed our mind is what is sure to come out externally. Most definitely our past does not equal our futures because we control our thoughts and they control what actions we take. When we really learn from our mistakes then and only then can we choose to do things differently, only smarter the second time around. Thinking outside the box and getting uncomfortable are musts for success in our personal lives as well as business. Kevin's philosophy is that fear keeps us in our comfort zones. Would you agree? I know I certainly do as it paralyzes us and creates too much doubt to do much of anything. Ponder this quote by Napolean Hill, Think and Grow Rich, " More than 500 of the most successful people have said their greatest success comes just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them." Next time you want to give up or life throws you a curve ball, learn to use that as a stepping stone and find solutions to your greatest desires.

3. The Bible

The most well know book in the world, the most popular, the best - selling and the most distributed. Why don't more people follow its principles? I will tell you exactly why - because it's hard being a Christian and doing what is right not what is easy. If more people actually did what the Bible told them to do their would be less killings, less crime, less divorces, less abuse, less addictions, less affairs, less hate and this world would be a much better place. Why don't people read this book? What or who stops you from following the biblical principals within? Do you share God's good words and lead others to have a relationship with him to better your life as well as theirs? Do you own a bible? What makes it so hard for you to open these pages? The bible instructs us to follow Jesus's ways and you shall have a prosperous life. He tells us not to fear in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." I encourage you to take these words to heart and change your life one smart decision at a time.

These three books have the power to drastically alter your mind, perspective, attitude, gratitude, decision making skills, outlook on life, goals, who you converse with, who you learn from and will teach you to believe that you matter and to never give up no matter what. I encourage you to join my blog, The Power of You - blog on Facebook as I share all positive posts that encourage you each day to do all of this in a shortened version with either videos or personal posts. Be encouraged and choose greatness, you will be glad you did.