Thundercats The Movie: A Satirical Trailer Mash-Up That's Truly Art

This fake trailer for Thundercats: The Movie is one of the better, more technically accomplished fake trailers I've seen in awhile. The editing and special effects are terrific and, unlike most mash-ups, this actually has the rhythm and flow of a real preview. Starring, among others, Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel, Hugh Jackman, and Alexa Vega, this is a very on-point deconstruction of summer tent-pole trailers. It also scores as a biting take on the whole 'same-shit, different costumes' feel of many fantasy films and/or live-action updates of comics and cartoons (cough-Wolverine-cough). Whether they intended to or not, the gang at Wormy T have made a true piece of satirical art.