Tina Fey Shuts Down 'Mean Girls' Sequel Rumors, Hopes And Dreams

Tina Fey Shatters Dreams, Denies Possibility Of 'Mean Girls' Sequel

Sorry, "Mean Girls" fans, fetch is not going to happen.

Extra TV caught up with Tina Fey, who wrote the beloved movie and acted as co-star opposite Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams, and asked her to set the record straight on the rumors of a possible sequel. "We're coming up next month on the 10-year anniversary of the original movie," Fey said, referring to when the movie's release date of April 30, 2004. "I can't believe it either. We're going to see if there's any way to get everyone together, but not a movie, sadly. We're all past high school age."

Before taking any drastic action, you may console your shattered heart with anticipation for the Broadway musical, the upcoming "Mean Moms" movie or the glorious reunion photos the cast shares every so often.

There, of course, was a "sequel" to "Mean Girls," an ABC Family television movie that was not connected to the original theatrical version in any real way beyond using the Plastics as a driver of the plot.

Would a Kickstarter campaign help?!

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