Tina Fey's Favorite Donut Coming To Brooklyn Farmacy

Cobble Hill blog is reporting that Greenpoint's donut darling Peter Pan doughnuts are now being sold at the Brooklyn Farmacy on Saturdays mornings. The Farmacy and Soda Shop is a classic old-timey soda fountain located at 513 Henry Street. While the Pharmacy may not have the variety Peter Pan does, this weekend they'll be serving red velvet, sour cream glazed, chocolate glazed and two types of crullers.

Why so much buzz? Perhaps you should ask Tina Fey, extreme donut enthusiast,

" target="_hplink"> who last year told Esquire:

The best doughnut? That's Peter Pan doughnuts in Brooklyn. It's a Polish bakery. We shot nearby once for 30 Rock. Its white-cream-filled powdered doughnut. And I really believe, when I first tried it, if I had a penis, I would put it in this doughnut. I finally understand what you guys are thinking about and what motivates you guys.