Tony Romo's Kids Are Kind Of Hilarious

The NFL star has been posting some amazing videos on Instagram.
03/20/2017 02:57pm ET
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Tony Romo has two sons, 4-year-old Hawkins and 3-year-old Rivers.

Tony Romo may be a football star, but his sons are on track to steal the spotlight.

The Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback joined Instagram earlier this month, and he’s since posted a collection of hilarious and adorable videos starring his sons, 4-year-old Hawkins and 3-year-old Rivers.

Romo’s first video showed a little backyard football practice with the boys. “I think you’ll enjoy some videos I have stored from my crazy kids,” he wrote. “This might be my favorite.”

As the video shows, the dad tried to teach his kids how to run a play, but things went a bit awry for poor Rivers. The clip reached over 800,000 views.

The NFL player’s next video features a conversation with Hawkins about his “Uncle Chace.” (Romo’s wife Candice is the younger sister of actor Chace Crawford.)

“Hawk had just gotten back from a trip with his uncle Chace,” he wrote in the caption. “He really wanted to tell me why he loved uncle chace more than his father. By the end I convinced him his dad is the far.”

Romo’s latest video touches on a topic many parents know all too well: bedtime negotiations. Once again, Hawkins shows he has quite a way with words.

“I told him it was bed time and he said ‘let’s talk about that.’ He told me he has a deal for me. Hhhhmmm,” Romo wrote in the caption.

I told him it was bed time and he said "let's talk about that." He told me he has a deal for me. Hhhhmmm

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Though Hawkins’ deal involves typical kid fare like making pinky promises, some are speculating that Romo posted the video to send a grown-up message to the Dallas Cowboys franchise regarding his “hostage” situation as he awaits his official release from the team.

Whether or not that theory is true, however, it’s clear people are loving Romo’s Instagram account for many reasons. He’s only been using the platform for two weeks but the little glimpses into his family life are adorable and totally endearing.

Keep ‘em coming, Tony.

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