Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks 2013: Drew Brees Is Tops, But Andrew Luck Is Rising

Brees Gets The Nod Over Peyton Manning For Top Spot

The modern day NFL has become a quarterback's league. And, with 28 out of 48 games through the first three weeks of the season having been decided by 7 points or less, these days, the old adage that if you don't have a quarterback, you don't have a chance, couldn't be more true. While the core four of Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady remain elite, there is a whole host of others on their heels. With apologies to the red-hot Jay Cutler, Phillip Rivers and Cam Newton, here are the top 10 quarterbacks -- a very fluid list to be sure -- in the game right now.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

Top Ten NFL Quarterbacks

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