Top Ten "Must Knows" For Divorced Dads

Top Ten "Must Knows" For Divorced Dads
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When I first sought advice regarding my own divorce in 2007, I went to the source of all reasonable and well-informed insight, Google. What I found was a chorus of certain doom: I'd go bankrupt, my kids would see shrinks forever, I'd never find the "woman of my dreams," and I'd spend my days mostly exploring new ways of being pathetic.

With due respect to Google: Wrong, wrong, wrong, and mostly wrong (I'm still a Dad, after all).

Sharing my experiences in my book, "The 40-Year-Old Version: Humoirs of a Divorced Dad", and talking with other dads, I eventually saw my divorce as an opportunity to reconnect more authentically with my kids. I boiled down this and other inspiring realizations into the following ten "must knows".

The Only Parenting Expectations Worth a Damn Are Your Own

Top Ten

Joel Schwartzberg is a father of three, an award-winning essayist, and author of the first-of-its kind collection of personal essays from the perspective of a divorced father, "The 40-Year-Old Version: Humoirs of a Divorced Dad"

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