5 Misconceptions About ALS

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It doesn't take a neurologist to know that ALS is a complex, difficult disease to understand. I am still not sure I always understand the science fair that is happening inside my body everyday. However, I do know some things that I am more than happy to share.

  1. I'm not deaf. Granted I have a Radio Shack worth of electronics with, under, and around me but a hearing aid is not one of them. I can't tell you how often people feel the need to use their outside voices while clearly inside when talking to me. "HOW ARE YOU?" they ask." Easy pal, I'm ok, but I'd be a lot better if you'd stop yelling at me!"
  2. I'm not dumb. Don't let the drool fool you. I'm usually running mental laps, I just can't get my eyes to type at "Ludicrous Speed." See what I did there? If you don't get the reference, Google it.
  3. Yes, I can feel that. I just can't move it. My hand, I'm talking about my hand. I still have complete feeling throughout my body. I can feel everything, even when I don't want to! Like a Jurassic Park mosquito creeping across my face.
  4. No, I'm not driving my chair with my mind. You must be thinking of professor Professor X of X-Men. However, my chair is pretty badass and one of a kind! I have what is your basic driving pedal under my right foot. It also acts as my steering wheel too. If I want to go left I just turn my foot to the left.
  5. The Bidet should be in every home. I remember the first few times seeing this toilet-water fountain hybrid in fancy old hotels. Let's just say they've come a long way! Mine sits beneath a heated seat on a normal toilet. It's got more settings than a Sharper Image sofa. Trust me, it's a game changer.