Biggest Tech Fails This Decade: 12 Epic Product Flops

The past decade has been one of historic technological achievements and massively successful releases in consumer tech.

In the shadow of those triumphs reside the ghosts of the decade's many failed ventures.

While some over-hyped products crashed and burned immediately upon release, others bombed more quietly, while still others seemed fated to flop.

Here are a few of the decade's biggest tech failures. Vote for the most unfortunate, and tell us about products from the last decade that you think deserve to be on this list. Email your suggestions to technology[at], or upload your picks using the "Add a Slide" button below. Then, take a look through our slideshow of things that became obsolete this decade and our list of the decade's most influential gadgets.

Biggest Tech Flops Of The Decade: TK Fails From 2000-2010