'Transitions: A Guide To The 6 Stages Of A Successful Life Transition': Book Review

Transitions are an essential part of life. They can be initiated by loss, adversity, the challenges of aging, or a subtle but persistent sense that there is something more to life... something lacking... something missing... something lost...

Will we be able to move through those transitions in a conscious manner that transforms and renews us or will we get stuck in old patterns - in resistance - that exacerbate the situation?

How we react and adapt to life's changes is a choice. Traditionally, cultures have provided assistance, guides, and rituals to ease the emotional uncertainty of life's transitions, but many of these important rites are no longer available to modern women and men. Doctor Elliot Dacher believes that the difference may be in having the guidance of a skilled mentor.

Doctor Dacher's new book, "Transitions: A Guide to the 6 Stages of a Successful Life Transition," addresses these challenging times of life with wisdom and heart. We know from his initial words that Doctor Dacher has personally lived through many of life's pivotal transitions and we can take comfort in knowing that we have found an experienced guide.

Drawing from his many year as a physician, meditator, mentor, husband and father, Doctor Dacher has assembled the essential teachings and wisdom of ancient traditions into a practical resource manual for those of us seeking time-tested assistance in navigating our ways through challenging times.

His 6 stages include: The Call to a Larger Life, The Departure, The In-Between Time, Lessons Learned, The Return, and The Gold.

He told me, "The call to a larger life comes in many forms. Will we hear it? Will we understand its meaning for our life? If we hear and accept the call, how do we depart on the journey and navigate the challenges - the groundlessness, the unsettledness, the uncertainty, the fear? What lessons will be learned? What are the gems at the end of the journey?"

In the book, Doctor Dacher answers these questions and many more. He offers guidance to turn seeming adversity into opportunity. "Transitions: A Guide To The 6 Stages of a Successful Life Transition" offers the spiritual mentorship that so many of us yearn for and it will help you move smoothly through life's challenges and discover new truths about yourself.