Activists Want Baby Trump Blimp To Crash President's July 4th Address

Code Pink organizers plan to bring a giant diaper-clad Trump to the president's Fourth of July rally in DC -- but would rather the entire event gets canceled.

An activist group is working to ensure Donald Trump won’t be the only one full of hot air at his Fourth of July rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

On Monday, Code Pink, a women-led grassroots organization working to end U.S. wars and militarism, requested a protest permit from the National Park Service for July 4, the Washington Post reported.

The group intends to bring the famous giant inflatable version of Trump dressed in a diaper to Trump’s Fourth of July festivities.

The “Baby Trump Blimp,” as it is called, features the president as a tangerine-colored, hairy-chested baby wearing nothing but a diaper, while holding a mobile phone.

Londoner Matt Bonner created the blimp for a whopping $6,300. It flew around the U.K. capital during Trump’s recent visit to the country.

Code Pink organizers originally planned to bring the Baby Trump Blimp last year to the military parade that Trump wanted to hold on Veteran’s Day.

While the parade was officially postponed after reports raised questions about the estimated $92-million expenses, Code Pink managed to fundraise enough money to bring “Baby Trump” to D.C.

“We’ve just switched our plans from the military parade to the Fourth of July,” Code Pink co-director Ariel Gold told the Washington Post. “We’re appalled that Trump is taking that day to spew his hateful and racist rhetoric . . . and we really hope this gets canceled, too.”

The group is asking to fly the blimp on “any open grassy area nearest to [the] Lincoln Memorial,” according to the permit application filed with Park Service.

“Baby Trump” gets around. He made an appearance in Grand Rapids, Michigan, last October and the G20 summit in Argentina last November.



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