Birther Issue? Trumps Says Time To Move On. I Say Not So Fast!

In the end, it simply made him look like a liar.
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He finally said the words. Trump admitted that President Barack Obama was indeed born in the United States. In my opinion, this is also an admission that Trump has been lying to the American public about this issue for years.

After stating Mr. Obama was a legitimate American citizen, Trump claimed it was time to shift focus back to the question of how we can make America great again. But I say, not so fast. There never was a legitimate question about where the President was born. Trump seemingly manufactured this question and then as a TV celebrity, he used his near-universal-access to media to foster continued doubt over the birthplace of Barack Obama. I often wondered why Trump would do this? Looking back over Trump’s actions over the past few years, I suspect he did it because he thought it would serve his personal, commercial, and political ambitions. But in the end, it simply made him look like a liar.

I will give Trump credit for boldness. Why? Because after apparently lying to the American public for years, he suddenly reversed his position, and in his own words on national TV, stated, “Barack Obama was born in the United States, period.” But Trump didn’t stop there. Trump then claimed credit for resolving or finishing the issue—the false question he himself probably manufactured. Can you believe that? So, instead of ‘moving on’ as Trump suggested, I believe we could benefit from contemplating over a few additional questions. Questions such as:

1. What was the real reason Trump might have orchestrated this campaign of lies and disinformation in the first place? Was it simply to keep the free media spotlight focused on him in order to milk its commercial worth?

2. If he made this whole issue up, what would motivate a man like Trump to go to so much trouble and expense to take actions that could undermine America’s trust in our commander-in-chief? Was it to discredit (in advance) President Obama’s presumed successor Hillary Clinton? Was it to gain political favor from the GOP?

3. Is is possible Trump was using this issue as some form of strategic distraction? If so, distraction from what? Was there something about him (or his business dealings) that he wanted the American media and public to overlook?

4. What could billionaire Trump hope to gain from this years-long conversation—a conversation he almost certainly knew was a farce? How did this benefit him? Was he hoping the momentum of this conversation would carry him into the oval office?

We may never discover the real motivations for Trump’s ‘birther’ obsessions. But we do know this. In some countries, to knowingly and purposefully spread lies and disinformation about the nation’s leader for the purpose of undermining his authority and credibility would be considered an act of treason. We also know that Trump’s seeming reckless disregard of the facts of Obama’s birth, forced the president to waste precious time putting Trump’s accusations and lies to rest—time better spent on leading our nation or engaged in more fruitful conversation. We know Trump’s accusations, innuendos, and lies may have damaged the president’s reputation in the eyes of some, may have damaged the image of the United States abroad, and may have damaged the soul of the American people. I believe that Mr. Trump treated both the American people and the president of the United States with great disrespect. I believe Trump owes us a public apology, especially President Barack Obama.

I view Trump’s admission that Mr. Obama was born in the United States as an admission of his own self-serving, self-promoting lies. Because of this (and for other reasons) I believe that Trump is not qualified to serve in the oval office. As far as I’m concerned, his very presence in the White House would be an insult to the good people of this great nation.

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