Trump's Tax Plan Exemplifies the Rigged Economy

Our economy is rigged. Millions of Americans are working longer hours for lower wages and yet all of the new income is going to the top one percent.

Donald Trump's tax plan is yet another example of the rigged economy. It proposes a 21.6 percent increase in after-tax income for the top one percent. Keep in mind, this is the same top one percent that owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent of earners combined.

Trump not only wants the richest to have more, he wants the poorest to have less. In fact, he thinks wages in America are too high.

Why, in a country where the richest people are already getting richer and the poorest people are already getting poorer, would Trump propose a tax plan that's so generous to the rich and unfair to the poor? Why, when the 400 richest Americas already have more wealth than half of all Americans, would Trump want the rich to have more?

Oh, that's right. He's a billionaire.

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