Income Inequality

The largely unregulated industry often sees error-ridden returns and high fees, a justice group alleges.
The COVID-19 pandemic is “set to drive the biggest systemic increase in income inequality ever seen,” Oxfam said in a new report.
A new Democratic proposal would target investments held by the wealthiest Americans, such as stocks, in order to pay for new social programs.
More Americans need a "seat at the table" of the U.S. economy, urges troubling new report by the Economic Innovation Group.
Now Kroger is closing stores where communities are requiring hazard pay.
Meanwhile, millions of Americans are unemployed and struggling to pay mortgages or rents amid the coronavirus crisis.
The richest got even richer this year while the poorest struggled even more.
U.S. billionaires’ wealth grew 15% while over 38 million Americans filed for unemployment amid the coronavirus crisis.
The conservative commentator lit up Twitter with his comment insulting people who need multiple jobs to pay the bills.
The past two years have been incredibly tough, but they’ve also shown me how strong I am.