TSA Agents Head To Heathrow To Aid Security During The Olympic Games

London's Heathrow airport has begun to welcome record numbers of passengers, despite calls from local politicians' warnings that the airport is unprepared for the Olympic-sized traffic. As such, British officials have called on their friends across the pond to help out during the Olympics crunch. Enter the TSA.

U.S. TSA agents are heading to the U.K. to aid with security measures at Heathrow and a few other U.K. airports, Sky News reports. They will be stationed there beginning one week before the Olympics begin, and will remain until one week after the Paralympic Games end.

According to the New York Daily News, British officials called on the TSA after a private security firm G4S admitted that it had not trained enough security guards to man the Games. In response, officials were also forced to ask the British military to furnish 3,500 extra personnel, reports MSNBC.

TSA agents in the UK will be assisting with U.S. and British airlines that are flying to and from the States. They will not screen passengers or do inspections, nor will they be allowed beyond boarding gates.

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