Tucker Carlson Had A Witch On His Show. It Did Not Go As Planned

“Sincere question: Is eye of newt an actual ingredient?”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke with a witch on Tuesday evening, and it probably didn’t go as he expected.

While the interview was generally good-natured in spirit, Carlson wanted to focus on witch stereotypes while his guest ― witch and self-described “Oracle of Los Angeles” Amanda Yates Garcia ― wanted to talk about real issues.

“Sincere question: Is eye of newt an actual ingredient?” Carlson asked.

Garcia rolled her eyes.

“I think the real problem is not whether or not eye of newt is an actual ingredient,” Garcia said. “The real problem is we’re about to have some kind of big nuclear extravaganza with North Korea. The real problem is that we’re punishing immigrant children. The real problem is that we’re causing students to go into deep debt. I don’t think the real problem is whether or not we use eye of newt.”

“I’m not suggesting it’s a problem,” Carlson laughed. “I’m with you on the student debt, by the way.”

He then pushed forward with his original question.

“Eye of newt? Isn’t that from Shakespeare?” she replied. “I think he was probably using a bit of poetic license.”

Most witches use what’s on hand, such as candles and paper, Garcia said.

Carlson also asked about a “binding spell” Garcia and others have cast on President Donald Trump to prevent him from harming others, whether or not she was worried about the supernatural consequences of spells and if there were any federal regulations on witchcraft.

See the full exchange above.

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